3 Ways To Perfectly Accessorise Any Outfit This Summer

The warmer weather and brighter days is the perfect excuse to show off your summer wardrobe. Without the constraints of heavy thick jumpers, scarves and coats spoiling your outfit, this gives you the perfect opportunity to make the most of enjoying wearing your summer accessories.

Jewellery, clutch bags, scarves, belts etc. are all great ways of accessorising an outfit and giving your look an added touch of style. However, knowing exactly what pieces from your wardrobe or jewellery box compliment your outfit, particularly when you’ve only got yourself to judge, can make it a rather tricky task.

We all have that one friend that manages to look effortlessly stylish and cool no matter what they wear, making us feel in absolute awe as to how they pull off their choice of outfit so easily time and time again.

However, by paying attention to just a few easy fashion accessory tips, you too will be able to enjoy experimenting with different accessories this summer. Here are three ways to add a touch of style to your summer wardrobe.


Jewellery is a great way of adding colour and interest to your outfit. However, you need to be careful about going over the top and overloading your outfit with too much jewellery. It’s also important that you style your jewellery according to your choice of clothing.


We spoke to Wave Jewellery who suggests that ‘for a simpler style and more neutral colour of summer clothing, this gives you a great opportunity to go for something brighter, bolder and more eye-catching.’ The Marco Bicego “Paradise” 18CT Gold Necklace With Mixed Gemstones from their collection is a stunning piece which would look magnificent in summer matched with a plain white or neutral coloured dress.

The summer season is the perfect opportunity to enjoy wearing brighter colours and a variety of different prints. For a dress or outfit incorporating multiple colours or textures, it’s safest to opt for something slightly more understated such as this beautiful Paul Finch Silver Taper Bangle Blue Topaz.

Clutch bag

Everyone needs to have a summer clutch that they can use to carry their essential handbag items. Alike jewellery, matching a clutch to your outfit works in very much the same way.

For a more understated look such as a pair of jeans, plain t-shirt and flats or a pair of heels, this gives you the chance to go for something more original and patterned. Take a look at some of the clutch styles chosen by The Independent, perfect for a pleasant summer’s evening.

Again similarly to jewellery, if you’re looking to match a clutch with a printed dress or multi-colored outfit, a block colour or neutral-toned clutch would complement your outfit perfectly.

Another quick tip as suggested by Real Simple is for evening or special occasion wear, a larger envelope-style clutch can be very flattering, “Whether carried under the arm or at the hip, a larger bag creates the look of a smaller waist.”


A great pair of sunglasses can instantly transform your appearance and are, therefore, another must accessory for your summer wardrobe.

Whether they’re effectively shielding the sunlight from your eyes or keeping your hair stylishly pushed back off your face, sunglasses are an important summer accessory.

With so many different styles and shapes to choose from, this can often make knowing which style to go for rather tricky. The shape of your face will best determine the style of sunglasses which would suit you most.

Vision Express explain that, for example, with an oval shaped face and rounded chin, a wider shape of frame which is wider than the broadest part of the face would work well. They said that ‘ovals are lucky in that almost any frame design will suit them, remembering to take into account hair colour and complexion as well.’

A person with a stronger jaw and wider forehead and wide cheekbones would suit square shaped sunglasses which will slightly soften their features, such as an aviator or shield style as recommended in Sunglass Warehouse’s guide.

These are just three of the ways in which you can accessorise your outfit this summer. A general tip to bear in mind if you are styling your look with multiple accessories is to try and match a simpler and more neutral outfit with bolder accessories. Yet with textured or patterned summer clothes, it’s best to go with more understated and perhaps fewer accessories.

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