4 tips to buying Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond tennis bracelets are the latest ‘on point’ fashion accessory, as they mix timeless elegance with effortless luxury. Whilst we may all dream about buying diamond tennis bracelets, they’re such a wise investment it’s wise to take one’s times shopping around.

However, at times it may seem perplexing when buying diamond bracelets, as there’s always so much choice, a wide range of prices and so many different retailers and suppliers, it’s difficult to know where to start sometimes.

But worry not, here are four key tips to buying diamond bracelets that will help make the choice a little easier for you.


As diamond tennis bracelets are so popular, naturally there are an abundance of manufacturers and retailers selling them – often at wildly different prices and quality levels too.

However, by doing a some research in the market, you can identify who the quality manufacturers are, and even get an idea about price ranges.

Armed with this research, you will be better placed when you go out buying a diamond tennis bracelet as you will have an idea of what your money can buy you, and which manufacturers are worth looking out for.

Diamond information

As you will know if you’re considering buying diamond tennis bracelets, it’s all about the diamonds first and foremost. You really need to know how diamonds are assessed – and what values they bring – to allow you to truly gauge the value of any proposed diamond tennis bracelets you may be looking at.

To fully appreciate the quality and appearance of any diamond tennis bracelet, you need to be comfortable with the following diamond information :-

  • Cut – e.g. round brilliant
  • Colour – e.g. I
  • Clarity – e.g. I1
  • Carat Weight – e.g. 1.00 ct

Knowing these values, and ranges, will in turn give you confidence in valuing and selecting diamond tennis bracelets that meet your requirement, and more importantly, your budget.


Often overlooked when buying diamond tennis bracelets, the material the remainder of the bracelet is made from is also important. Too often people buy diamond bracelets with expensive diamonds that often look cheap because of cheap materials.

The right quality material complements the diamonds, so consider your choice wisely – ideally before going out shopping – and decide if your diamond tennis bracelet will be made out of:-

  • White Gold
  • Gold
  • Silver

Length and fit

Finally, when buying diamond tennis bracelets its also important to ensure the length and fit work for your wrist. Make sure you’ve checked your actual measurements and best of all, try on any potential bracelets before buying.

If they don’t fit well, it could be money wasted as people won’t notice the bracelet as much, and worse still, it could be more likely to be damaged if its ill-fitting.

Now you’re aware of these 4 key criteria, you can be more reassured when buying diamond tennis bracelets that you know what to look for – and what you should be paying.

Good luck!

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