Achieving the Perfect Tan: It Is Possible

There are, of course, a number of ways to get a tan, but some are faster than others. If there isn’t time to work on that tan at the beach or out in the summer sun, there is another way.

Hundreds of people now get their appearance just the way they want it, for a special occasion, by using a state-of-the-art tanning machine. You can have the look you desire, in a matter of approximately one hour.

What’s Available?

One quick look at this subject shows that there are dozens of different spray machines designed specifically for the purpose of giving someone the perfect skin hue they desire. Most of these machines come in a kit that includes:

sunblock and legs

sunblock and legs

  • Spray apparatus, usually with variable speed and variable heat functions
  • Spray gun with controls for the spray pattern
  • Products – different tanning liquids and solutions
  • Tanning tent, often a small popup style

The spray solutions and liquids, the tent, the spray apparatus, and other accessories can all be purchased separately.

Tanning machines and equipment have evolved over the years, like many items in the personal grooming and electronic fields. Some tanning “pioneers” used airbrushes that were designed for another purpose altogether.

Achieving the Perfect Tan

While these worked fairly well, the results were sometimes inconsistent. At best, using the airbrush took a long time, because the equipment was designed for creating art on a different scale from the human body.

The New Era of Spray Tanning

In the twenty-first century, spray tan machines are created, designed and produced specifically to apply special solutions to the human body. They are quite portable and do not need a long, bulky air hose like those used on old-time airbrushes and spray guns.

Newer models weigh half of what some of the earlier machines weighed, allowing almost anyone to apply a great tan. This new equipment also runs more quietly and is very reliable. In the hands of a professional tan technician, the results can be outstanding.

New Era of Spray Tanning

That brings us to one of the major pieces of the tanning process—a professional who works with you to apply the tone and consistency you desire.

For some, tanning is a key part of their lifestyle. Whether or not you are a tanning fan or just need to prepare for a special occasion, you can choose tones ranging from light tan through rich brown. Some even choose to go darker.

Spray tan salons are generally staffed by individuals who have extensive experience in the tanning process. These individuals can talk with you before starting the process to find out what results you expect and what skin type or tone you should start with. They may also suggest that the skin is exfoliated and lightly moisturised before spraying.

New Era of Spray Tanning

With the newest tanning machines and a bit of planning, it is possible to put on that tan in about an hour. The colour can be lighter, darker, or somewhere between, depending on how long you leave the solution on before showering.

Today, the perfect tan is possible!

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