Choose Gemstone Jewelry with the Health Sense

Gemstones are minerals that are probably produced when asteroids hit the surface of the earth. This scientific phenomenon turned to be a divine occurrence for people and they used it for various healing purposes. Kings and worriers used it for protection and cure of their wounds. The saga of healing touch with minerals is popular since long time though scientifically it is not proven in any laboratory.

Extracting the conclusion from our past, gemstones surely have powers that can deliver various benefits to our mind, body, and soul. In accordance with astrological facts, our body is made of seven chakras which control our entire stature. Gemstones are well-versed with such rays that can influence these chakras to our benefits.

At the same time, it is undeniably essential to ensure an astrological suitability and perfect matching of a gemstone with your birth charts to extract positive results. These gemstones should not be worn without proper guidance and knowledge. Improperly matched stones may deliver adverse effect on your body instead of curing your pain. Here is information regarding different gemstones and their healing benefits:


The gorgeous deep red-colored Garnet gemstone is worn to boost energy level of the body. It is highly reactive and can cure many health issues. It is seen that people wearing Garnet exhibit an exceptional self-confidence and emotional strength. This gemstone can also protect its possessor from evil and provide an escape from bad karma instinct. Garnet is so beautiful that can be suitable for any jewelry, but always wear it closer to your heart for a better impact.

Gemstone Jewelry with the Health Sense


Amethyst is one of the most powerful gemstones known to the mankind. It is equally beautiful and striking in appearance. Its vivid purple shade enhanced with little inclusions makes it an adorable gemstone. It is generally worn to uplift the strength and courage. Our predecessors used to wear this precious stone to gain quality of creativity and peace of mind. It promotes physical health and eliminates issues like mood disorder, anxiety, and eradicates addiction if any.


Apart from being a peace-loving stone, Pearl gemstone is also considered to be the traditional stone for jewelry since many centuries. It is available in many shapes and sizes. It is discovered as a treasure hidden under the deep water of oceans. Its medicinal effects can treat various diseases including the disturbances of the digestive system and heart problems. It can also solve fertility issues. In fact, it can balance the energy of the body, accentuate its positivity, and boost happiness in your mind. Wearing a pearl stone not only cures physical issues but also heals mental health of its wearer.


Beautiful yellow hued Citrine is bestowed with incredible health-boosting powers. If you are suffering from sleeping disorder or having digestive ailments, Citrine is the perfect stone to heal you. Additionally, it can increase positive energy and eliminate difficulties of hearing senses.



Aquamarine is an outstanding stone having a mesmerizing appearance and incredible health benefits. Traditionally, it is the mainly used jewelry stone due to its lovely color. Its diversified power includes healing the problems of digestive system, teeth issues, and eye diseases. Aquamarine brings the luck factor, especially to those who remain close to water like sailors. People wearing Aquamarine acquire medicated powers that boost the healing energy of their body.


Moonstone is equivalently beautiful as the moon. It is bestowed with amazing powers. It brings back the emotional balance, particularly in females. It is the best healing stone for anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It is a better gemstone to break any sort of talisman. Jewelry studded with moonstone is worn to escape from evil eye as well.

These are some of the most effective and stunning gemstones that you can choose to foster a healthier life. However, it is always advisable to consult an astrologer before buying any gemstone to avail its healing or metaphysical properties.


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