Must-have jewelry pieces – Discovering the Claddagh ring

If you are fond of Irish jewelry, there are some interesting ideas that you can add to your collection. One of them is the Claddagh ring. The design of this ring is very unique, with two hands clasping a heart, with a crown on the top. This is a very typical design in Irish jewelry, but the feel is exotic for most buyers. According to many sources, the hands stand for friendship, the heart is a symbol of love, while the crown stands for loyalty.

Wearing the Claddagh ring

If you check the internet, you will hear some amazing stories about the Claddagh ring. According to many, the way you wear the ring tells a lot about your relationship status. If the ring is your right hand, with the heart on the other side away from your hand, it indicates that the heart is “open”. To be more precise, the person wearing it (that’s you!) is not in a serious relationship. On the contrary, if you wear the ring with the heart facing your arm/body, it just means that you are ‘taken’. On the left hand, if the heart is facing away from the body, it means that the person is engaged. If the ring is still on the left hand and the heart faces the body, it indicates that the person is taken. Now, that’s a lot to remember, but no wonder, this ring can mean many things to many people.

Many legends for one ring

There are many legends related to the Claddagh ring. One of the most popular ones is related to a prince, who wanted to convince his father that he was in real love with a common maid. He made the Claddagh ring to propose to the girl, with three symbols that represented love, loyalty and friendship. The legend also says that the father gave his blessing to the son after he heard of the ring.

Buying one for your beloved

So, you want to buy a Claddagh ring? Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to Ireland. There are many sellers, who offer Irish jewelry online, and you can get a classic emerald Claddagh ring without being bothered about genuineness and authenticity. Just make sure that the jeweler is a genuine seller of Irish jewelry and has a good collection to choose from.

Express your love with a ring that tells much more than its real value

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