Pandora Jewelry – More Than Just a Trend

Charm bracelets have been around for a very long time. The earliest examples of charm bracelets were worn by ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and other ancient peoples as long ago as 600 BC, and they likely began as actual “charms” to protect the wearer from bad luck or evil spirits. They’ve gone in and out of fashion many times in the intervening years, but they keep coming back. Queen Victoria made them popular among the European aristocracy in the 19th century, and celebrities like Mamie Eisenhower and Liz Taylor helped to rekindle the fashion in the 1950s and 60s. They are back and bigger than ever today, thanks to the fun and funky modern interpretation of the charm bracelet created by the Pandora jewelry company.

Pandora jewelry is a great example of an “overnight sensation” that was actually 30 years in the making. The company got its start in a small jewelry shop in Copenhagen, Denmark opened by Per and Winnie Enevoldsen in 1982. The couple frequently traveled to Thailand to find interesting jewelry for their shop. The popularity of this jewelry soon inspired them to open their own production facility in Thailand (Pandora Productions) and hire a designer to create a unique line of jewelry to be manufactured there. In 1996 they hired a second designer, and the new jewelry design team created the customizable charm bracelet that made Pandora a household name. Their signature bracelets were introduced in Denmark but quickly expanded to an international market as their popularity grew. You can now find Pandora jewelry in more than 70 countries across six continents. Although Pandora is best known for its charm bracelets, it also sells necklaces, earrings and rings.

Someone is purchasing a piece of Pandora jewelry every second of the year

It is estimated that somewhere in the world, someone is purchasing a piece of Pandora jewelry every second of the year. So, what is it about Pandora that has made it so incredibly popular? There are probably many factors which contribute to its popularity. Pandora jewelry is beautifully crafted yet reasonably priced, with a dizzying variety of options that keep consumers coming back for more. There are both gold and silver collections as well as two-tone silver and gold combinations, Pandora Rose (a mix of metals with a lovely pink hue), and even leather. The charms and pendants are available in all those metals plus a rainbow of colors in enamel, Murano glass, crystals, Cubic Zirconia, and a variety of natural and synthetic precious stones. There is a long list of categories and themes for all the different available charms. You can choose charms with your favorite animals or Disney characters; there are charms to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays; charms with inspirational messages and symbols; and charms to represent your favorite hobbies and passions. There is a charm for just about anything you could imagine.

Photo: Pandora Jewelry – Highly Valuable Gold Series & Affordable Silver Jewelry

Fans of Pandora jewelry enjoy collecting pieces that tell their story and reflect their unique personality and life experiences. Every milestone and significant event in your life (weddings, graduations, your first job, vacations, the birth of a child, etc.) can be commemorated by adding a charm to your bracelet. Pandora also offers a collection of “essence” charms that represent positive qualities such as courage, balance, joy, wisdom, and so on, which either describe the essence of the wearer or provide inspiration for a quality they aspire to achieve. The point is, you can truly personalize your jewelry to be a reflection of the unique and special person that is YOU. This makes Pandora jewelry more than just pretty – it is meaningful.

Unlike more traditional forms of charm bracelets, the chunky and funky Pandora charms tend to be more beadlike and less dangly (although they do have a few dangly styles in their charm collections) which makes them easier to wear without getting caught on your clothes or tangled up with each other. Their simple beadlike design also makes it easy to add or subtract charms for different occasions and to create a whole new look in a few seconds – unlike traditional charm bracelets, which have a design that often makes it extremely challenging to add or remove pieces.

Women are buying these addictive charms for themselves, of course, but they also make great gifts. Gift giving is a no-brainer for fans of Pandora jewelry. Husbands who previously had no clue what to get their wives for birthdays and other special occasions can shop with confidence, knowing that an addition to the charm bracelet will always be well received. Pandora charms have also become collectibles, and many fans of the jewelry will seek out rare pieces as obsessively as Beanie Baby collectors once searched for the rare Blue Princess. Pandora will occasionally discontinue or “retire” a charm, which instantly makes it more interesting to collectors. The company has been around long enough that some of their early pieces are referred to as “vintage”, and some of the retired charm designs have greatly increased in value among collectors seeking out hard-to-find older pieces. Fans of Pandora jewelry have created blogs, Facebook pages, and Pinterest posts devoted to showing off their collections and buying, selling and trading with other collectors. Pandora jewelry is highly sought after collectors and because of the tremendous demand, companies specialized in dealing pre-owned Pandora jewelry are popping-up. Those buyers and marketplaces are helpful if you would like to know how much your collection is worth (click here for free Pandora jewelry appraisals).

The popularity of Pandora jewelry seems to be much more than just a passing trend. With devoted fans who have made Pandora an integral part of their lives, it’s probably going to be around for quite a while.

Pandora Bracelet Gallery

Pandora bracelet with vintage Murano charms

Yellow-tone Pandora bracelet with rare two-tone charms

Pandora bracelet with limited edition, modern charms

Gemstone charm bracelet with retired charms

Red & orange Pandora charm bracelet

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